Stretch Marks

Who doesn’t hate stretch marks?

Stretch marks appear at various stages of ones life. Literally growing too fast, weight loss (I wish), and pregnancy.

Usually we can keep them underwraps for most of the year, but once summer arrives, more of our body is exposed and we reluctantly show ourselves and wish we could do something about our stretch marks.

Well you can. If your stretch marks really bother you, they can be treated by using the MCA/Dry Needling technique. By tattooing from one side of the stretch mark to the other, we are creating trauma to that area and your own body’s resources kick in and over time produce collagen, elastin and melanin which pull the stretch mark together and encourage the natural colour to return.

The results are different for each person. You can have as many of these treatments as you wish, with at least a 30 day gap inbetween, to allow the body to heal.

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