Semi Permanent Make-up Eyeliner

Semi Permanent Eyeliner can really make a difference to the look of your eyes. Permanent eyeliner is such a lovely treatment as it frames the eyes. It brings out the colour of your iris and just gives a natural enhancement you'll find you won't be able to live without.

Semi Permanent Makeup Eyeliner. Before and immediately after treatment.

EXPLANATION OF TREATMENT - This is a full top eyeliner and half bottom eyeliner treatment. This client had not previously had any semi permanent make-up procedures.

BEFORE - The client used to wearing heavy black eyeliner wanted this eyeliner treatment as she was fed up with her eyeliner smudging and giving her panda eyes after long days looking after two children and running a home. The client wanted a heavy full top eyeliner and half bottom eyeliner in black onyx. Session Duration - 2 hours, which included the consultation, where paperwork was completed. The lash line was anaesthetised and allowed to numb before the treatment was carried out.

AFTER – These photos show the before photo, with no make-up, the immediately after treatment and the healed effect.

Client was very happy with the finished effect.

Future Treatments - The client should assess her eyeliner after 18 months and decide when she waits to come back for a refresh, to keep her eyeliner colour crisp. If left untreated the pigment will continue to fade more after time.