Semi Permanent Eyebrows

Semi Permanent Eyebrows vs Microblading - What's the Difference?

Not much really. Microblading is the implantation of pigment using a hand-held tool, whereas digital implantation of pigment using a semi permanent make-up machine, does the same. Both methods implant pigment to simulate hairstrokes. One method is no better than the other. It's down to personal preference.

Personally I prefer the digital machine as the needle depth can be set beforehand and hairstrokes are evenly made ensuring the pigment is implanted at the right depth each and every time. 

At the end, the important thing is not the method, but the expertise of the technician.

Why Have Semi Permanent Makeup?

You might have experienced the loss of your eyebrows by over-plucking, hormones (the dreaded menopause!), chemotherapy, alopecia, trauma, or for many, eyebrows just thin out as you get older. Your eyebrows might be too thin, uneven, too short, lost their shape and definition. Having pigment implanted resembling hairstrokes can make a huge difference to their appearance, and therefore a huge difference to your whole face. You new implanted hairstrokes can add depth, definition and length.  Having more defined eyebrows will, without a doubt, enhance your eyes.

For those who have overplucked, thin eyebrows, you will know only too well that there are limited options available once the hairs have been plucked out and won’t grow back. There are a small number of options to fix over-plucked eyebrows, such as pencilling them back in day in and day out. However, pencilling in your eyebrows everyday can become tedious and time consuming and you generally have a different look everyday! not to mention perilous, as you run the risk of wearing your eyebrows on your sleeve during hot weather. Perspiration causes makeup to run and you may have to face the embarrassing prospect of ending up brow-less half way through the day…or night.

Just because your eyebrow have become sparse doesn’t mean that you cannot achieve the latest brow shapes.  Together we will agree on a brow template that we're both happy with.  Pick a pigment that matches your skin tone and hair. Once you're 100% happy I will then begin implanted hairstrokes.

The end result will leave you with a natural eyebrow shape that compliments your face.  Enhancing your eyebrows can instantly lift your features and take years off you! Your eyebrows are one of your most important features - they structure your face and frame your eyes giving definition and instantly lifting your features.

Hairstroke, Powdered or Ombre Brows

There are three types of eyebrow styles. Hairstroke eyebrows are where fine strokes that simulate hair giving a natural look. Powdered, is a block eyebrow style. This style usually suits someone with uneven hair on either eyebrow. It balances out the eyebrows and looks good on both young and older ladies. The ombré eyebrow style is soft gradient of pigment at the front of the eyebrow working darker into the tail. This is also good for uneven eyebrows and can balance the eyebrows nicely disguising the fact that there is less hair in one brow than the other.  At the end of the day it is personal choice which style you chose.

Treatment Protocol

All treatments start with a consultation. Once you're in my treatment room, and settled, numbing cream is applied.  This will be left for 30 minutes.  We will then work  through the paperwork together, discuss your requirements and set expectations.  Pigments will be placed on your forehead to ascertain which suits your colouring best.  Usually this all takes 30 minutes.  Your brow area should be nice and numb. The brow template is drawn and it will be tweaked as often as it needs to be until you are happy with the shape.  Photographs are taken throughout the procedure.

No procedure will be carried out unless you are 100% happy to continue.

The hairstrokes will be implanted one by one.

Once the brows are completed the treatment will be finished with 10 minutes under the LED Light to quicken the healing process.

This is a two-treatment process. The initial treatment is to implant pigment into the brow area to the agreed shape. We take it nice and easy. You will then go home, with your aftercare ointment and instructions, and heal. The follow-up treatment needs to be booked 4-12 weeks later. This is the important treatment, as I can see how the pigment has taken and how the colour has settled. You have lived with your new brows for a couple of weeks and are more sure of what you want. I then tweak, if necessary, the brow enhancement reinforcing the colour and shape. This second treatment needs to be right as this is what you will be living with going forward, until they fade.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q - Do I need to shave my own eyebrows?
A - Definitely not. Having your own eyebrow hair will give a more natural look.

Q - How long will they last?
A - Implanting pigment into the skin is not an exact science. Everyone's skin is different.  Drier skin will hold onto the pigment better than oilier skin.  Some people hold pigment for years, where as others might only hold it for 3-6 months. This is a difficult question to answer.

Q - How often should I have a Colour Boost?
A - Following your initial brow enhancement you should think about annual colour boosts.  But it's totally up to you how often you wish to have a colour boost.  A colour boost is one treatment.

Q - Why is the pigment used not permanent?
A - The brows you had when you were twenty, are definitely not what you would have 10 or 20 years down the line. Trends change, so does skin tone. Pigment fades so you have the choice to decide on shape and the appropriate pigment is selected to match your changing skin tone. Skin tone fades as we get older!

Q - Why is the brow immediately after treatment so dark?
A - The pigment will sit at the top of the skin and will appear darker. As the brow area heals the pigment will settle and its true colour will appear in a month's time. That's why you need at least 4 weeks for the brow to heal.

Q - I've had botox. How long do I have to wait before having my brow enhancement?
A - If you've had botox in your forehead, you will need to wait two weeks at least. This ensures the needle entry point has healed before any new procedure is carried out. It works the other way also. Do not have botox until your brow treatment is at least two weeks healed!

Q - I'm going on holiday. When should I have my brow enhancement carried out?
A - You need to plan. If you're going on holiday to a hot country, the sun will fade your enhancement. You can't get your newly implanted brows wet, so no swimming. Have a fabulous holiday and then book your brow enhancement after your holiday. Once you're fully healed you can wear SPF and go on holiday as many times as you want.

Q- I have a special occasion. When should I plan to have my enhancement carried out?
A - If you have a special occasion you really need to plan for this. I'd say start three months before this special event. Brows will need time to heal (twice!!), so they will go dark, scab, fade and you don't want to be mid-way through treatment.

Q - Can I wear makeup?
A - No, sorry. No makeup on the treated area for a week. You can wear it everywhere else, but not on the treated area. Non-mineral makeup will draw the pigment out!

Q - Can I go swimming?
A - No swimming for the first week. No saunas either.

Q - Can I go to the gym?
A - This is a tough one. Gym = sweat. You really don't want to sweat excessively. If you could leave it for a couple of days as you don't want sweat to push the pigment out from your brows.

Q - I'm pregnant. Can I have my eyebrows enhanced?
A - No. Having a brow enhancement wouldn't effect the baby, but ethically it's advisable to wait until after the baby is born and after breastfeeding has finished.