Lips Photos


This client wanted an orange based colour. The colour always, when initially implanted, is very vibrant. The colour will fade by 70%. The colour will soften dramatically. This client will return for her retouch where the colour is reintroduced again helping to reinforce the colour.


This client wanted a coral red colour. The lips heal in a strange way and as mentioned before lose a huge amount of colour initially. It’ always good to note that each client heals differently. But in the majority of cases the colour sometimes appears to have disappeared totally, but does resurface during the month’s healing process. The colour will continue to develop over a three month period. This client is due to return for a retouch. The pigment colour will be reassessed at the retouch appointment and adjusted if need be. Though this colour is very bright, it will heal a soft coral colour.


This client wanted a lip blush. This is where the outline of the lips is tattooed initially and then colour is brought in slightly. You can see the healed lips after the first treatment. This is where the client decided she wanted the colour to come in a little more, so that is exactly what I did. You can see from these photos the difference in the colour implanted and the healed colour.