Eyebrow Photos

Semi Permanent eyebrows

Years of plucking had left this client with very fine eyebrows which she wasn’t happy with to the extent that she grew her fringe to hide her eyebrows. I can’t tell you how pleased she was to have new eyebrows. She’s now going her fringe out!


Collage JL

This client came to me as she has managed to pluck one eyebrow higher than the other. I explained to the client that the first treatment would be to get good shape and colour implanted, and not to pluck her eyebrows anymore. When she returned for her retouch the shape was reinforced and the colour darkened slightly. The eyebrows were level and the client was extremely happy. I love my job!!

Brows - G

This client had had her eyebrows previously tattooed in Australia. This ‘immediately’ after photo is not the finished effect, as this photo follows the first treatment where implanting colour is important. The retouch appointment will allow me to tweak and enhance the brow further to the clients specified requirements. Clients always seem so much more confident on their retouch appointment and know exactly what they want!


This client experienced hair lose in her eyebrows during pregnancy. She hoped that once she’d had her baby that her eyebrows would just grow back to normal. They did a little, but then she had another baby and the hair on this occasion only grew back on one side. By this time she was thoroughly fed-up of drawing her brows on each day. With small children, she found that she was avoiding taking her babies swimming for fear that her brow pencil would be washed or wiped away. Enough was enough! Now she has the brows she wants and spends all her precious time with her babies.

This client came for a total reshape. She found that through years of plucking her eyebrows were taking on a more un-natural shape. She wanted a shape that suited her face and enhanced her eyes.


This client had already had a brow tattoo 5 years previous when she visited Thailand. The original brow was a block brow, also referred to as a powder brow, and over time this had faded. I would have liked to have removed the old tattoo completely, but the client was happy to have a hairstroke effect over the top, as she wanted to be able to go to the gym without any make-up. The client loved her hairstroke brow and was happy with the finished result, which she felt was more natural and disguised the block brow adequately.

Over-plucked and uneven brows treated
Over-plucked and uneven brows treated

This client’s eyebrow had, over time, been over-plucked and the client found herself with one eyebrow a completely different shape than the other. This treatment took time as I needed to balance the eyebrows, trying to keep as much natural hair as possible to give a more natural look. The client was very happy with the finished result.

Apologies for the fuzzy photo. I’m not the best photographer in the world!